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White Oak Soap Dish

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White Oak Soap Dish
White Oak Soap Dish

This White Oak soap dish extends the life of your favorite natural and organic soap by allowing it to dry between uses. The grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around the soap. The closed cellular structure of White Oak makes it water, weather, and rot resistant.

  • Handcrafted at Chagrin Valley Soap
  • Deep ridges keep natural soap dry between uses
  • A solid piece of White Oak - no glues, stains or preservatives
  • White Oak, used in shipbuilding, wine barrels, and whiskey barrels, is very durable and is resistant to decay-unlike pine
  • The high level of tannins in oak also help prevent bacterial growth 

Soap Deck Dimensions: 4 in wide x 3.25 in deep x 0.75 in high

A few words about Oak Tannins: Tannins have been used as a natural vegetable dye for centuries. The natural tannins in oak may react with the water or soap and cause the soap deck to darken with use. The natural tannins may also darken the soap.

Chagrin Valley has sold thousands of white oak soap decks over the past 15 years with no problems. However, they have been told by a few customers that the wet oak tannins stained countertops. 

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