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Citronella & Lemongrass Mini Dip Conditioner & After Swim Detangler


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Citronella & Lemongrass Mini Dip Conditioner & After Swim Detangler
Citronella & Lemongrass Mini Dip Conditioner & After Swim Detangler

Are you a mosquito magnet too?!  SO ARE WE!!!

The Summer Camp Mini Dip conditioner bar was formulated for these 9 reasons:

  • we were tired of insects swarming our heads when we trail run, camp, or surf at dawn or twilight
  • we know you don't want to lug a giant bar to the beach!
  • we know that the outdoorsy life can fade, damage, degrade and weaken hair--and we wanted to offer a solution to people who spend their time playing outside
  • we wanted a conditioner bar that worked for all hair types
  • we wanted a conditioner bar that was formulated for people who take hair seriously
  • we wanted a conditioner bar that would fix post-surf or swim hair
  • we wanted a conditioner bar that let us air dry like a dream but also protected the hair from heat styling
  • we wanted a conditioner bar that saved us money on our expensive salon product habit
  • we were sick of buying bars that overpromised & underdelivered

Say no more to forcing a comb through your hair post-swim, surf, or shower.  Our solid conditioner bars help moisturize and nourish from scalp to roots to end leaving your hair silky smooth and tangle-free without weighing it down.  Swipe very wet bar down very wet hair and re-wet the bar between swipes.  Rinse first & then leave some in for some extra frizz fighting--and when in doubt: over-apply!

We tested this bar on all hair types, textures, and dramas.  

  1. Available in  0.75 oz size only
  2. Is scented with Organic Citronella and Organic Lemongrass is known to keep pests away naturally
  3. Smooths shine and soften every hair strand it touches
  4. It's perfect for after showering and after a swim
  5. Prevents tangles when used before dipping into the water and detangles when used after the water
  6. This conditioner bar is so effective it will override any terrible shampoo you might be using already
  7. Makes you wonder where it's been all your life 
  8. Is safe for color-treated and chemically-treated hair
  9. One mini bar can last a whole summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day
  10. To get the most out of your hair washing days, start off with our Color Safe, Everyday Shampoo Bar
  11. So good, plastic-free isn't a selling point for us, just a bonus :)

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