Diatomite Stone Coasters 4 pack

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Diatomite Stone Coasters 4 pack
Diatomite Stone Coasters 4 pack

Protect your Table Countertop from Damage.

  • Quick Water Absorption & Non-Slip - The Diatomite Coasters can capture water spills dripping from ice cold drinks and coffee, tea, and beer in seconds, keeping your tabletop clean and tidy. They can also hold your drinks sturdily, not easily slide or even fall down.
  • Extremely Fast Self Drying - Unlike cotton or plastic coasters, our specially made coasters will not stink after getting wet since they dry in one second by themselves! Water will not stay inside so the coasters can stay fresh and odorless.

Diatomaceous earth is formed by the cell wall of diatoms which is safe, low density, and performs well in water absorption. It does no harm to the human body and the environment.

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