Facial Cleansing Scrub - Citrus Sugar

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Facial Cleansing Scrub - Citrus Sugar
Facial Cleansing Scrub - Citrus Sugar
Facial Cleansing Scrub - Citrus Sugar
Facial Cleansing Scrub - Citrus Sugar

Nourishing oils whipped with fine grain organic cane sugar and a touch of our organic aloe soap creates a natural, organic facial cleansing cream and sugar scrub in one great product.

Available in 2 sizes

  • All Natural, Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO 
  • Exfoliates dead skin & stimulates dull lifeless skin
  • Hydrates, while gently cleansing
  • Evening Primrose Oil and Virgin Shea Butter are excellent for dry, aging or irritated skin
  • Skin will feel smooth, soft and moisturized

Sugar scrubs exfoliate in two ways: the physical "scrubbiness" of the sugar plus the chemical composition of the sugar's AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acids). AHAs loosen the glue-like substances that hold surface skin cells to each other, allowing the dead cells to slough off more easily.


Organic Virgin Shea ButterOrganic Cane Sugar (Fair Trade)Organic Evening Primrose OilOrganic Virgin Coconut OilAloe SoapOrganic Palm Oil (Sustainable)Organic Jojoba OilOrganic Mango ButterOrganic Lemon Essential OilOrganic Bergamot Essential OilOrganic Lavender Essential OilOrganic Eucalyptus Essential Oil


  • Use several times a week in place of regular soap
  • Wet face thoroughly with warm water
  • Using a small amount of sorbet, massage your face in gentle, wide, circular upstrokes with fingertips
  • Add more water to fingertips
  • Massage again creating a fine creamy lather
  • Rinse and pat dry

This is a preservative-free product! To extend shelf-life . . .

  • Do not get water in the jar
  • Use a small spoon or craft stick to remove the cleansing scrub instead of wet fingers

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