Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6


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Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6
Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6
Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6
Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6
Flow Cork Coasters - Set of 6

The Flow cork coaster set consists of six environmentally friendly cork coasters, milled with the pattern of nature. Let your energy flow!

Classic and elegant gift idea for colleagues, friends, and family members! This unique milled cork coaster set is wrapped in a modern design, eco-friendly packaging!

The milled pattern of nature presents the flow, the state of intense engagement, focus, and contentment in the present moment and current activity.

After all, the only question is, whom do you share this experience with?

Content: 6 pcs different milled cork coasters Ø 9 cm (3.5")

Practical and durable

A stylish, organic, and functional accent with the set of 6 cork coasters from PepMelon. These light but sturdy coasters provide a soft surface for drinks, glass, mugs and at the same time complement your tabletop. Furthermore, the cork material provides natural traction. That helps prevent accidental spills, while it protects your tables and countertops from beverage condensation, water rings, stains. The coasters protect your furniture from annoying water stains, unsightly scratches, and wine and other marks

As well as cork doesn’t absorb liquid, so you can wipe it up and use the coaster further.

Cork – be Eco-friendly

Cork is a natural, renewable, and recyclable material, it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly, and compostable

In addition, cork is hypoallergenic, and also very light. Besides, there’s no need to cut down a tree to make these products. Cork is actually the bark of the cork oak tree. Only the outer layer of bark is harvested at a time, allowing the tree to generate and be harvested all over again in the future, up to 16 times over 200 years. Another key point, that this process does not harm the tree in any way. Each time the cork is harvested, the tree absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere – helping out our planet.

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