Rose Gold (summertime) Vegan Eyeshadow/blush

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Rose Gold (summertime) Vegan Eyeshadow/blush
Rose Gold (summertime) Vegan Eyeshadow/blush

Plastic Free Makeup, Cruelty-Free!

This warm, shimmery pink doubles as a blush!

Each eye shadow comes in a 1/2 oz tin.


kaolin, pearl mica, gold mica, Red No. 40 FD&C Lake

This Product can be refilled and no need to return the container. I now have biodegradable cello bags for refills on powdered products, so you don't have to send back your containers (they look like plastic, but they're not -- rest assured)! Just choose the "REFILL" option. 

Refills will take longer (up tp 10 days) for shipping.

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