Weed n' Shrooms Soap

Dulse and Rugosa

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Weed n' Shrooms Soap

The power of seaweed and medicinal mushrooms all harvested from the pristine beauty of coastal Maine, combined together in one soap.  What's not to love??

This is one of my favorite body soaps because it's gentle, powerful and wonderful for all skin types.  It also has a super cute label and is a wonderful gift for that hard to buy for person in your life.

Handcrafted in small batches using hand harvested wild seaweed and mushrooms: distilled water, coconut oil, rosehip infused castor oil, rosehip infused olive oil, calendula infused sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, sugar kelp, reishi, dulse, chagga, birch polypore, and oyster mushroom.  

A quick note about medicinal mushrooms.  The mushrooms that we use in this soap have been used hundreds even thousands of years for all types of aliments.  For the most part these mushrooms are taken internally as a tea or a tincture.  Research is being done about the topical benefits of these mushrooms especially the birch polypore.  The birch polypore was actually found on Otzi, a 5,300 year old mummy found frozen in the Italian Alps.  It is believed that Otzi was carrying the birch polypore for use as an anti-septic for small cuts and minor injuries. Reishi, chagga, and oyster have both been used in Asia to promote longevity and good health.

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