This is a work in progress! if you know of a place that should be in this list please email me to send pictures too!

Whole Foods (State-wide)

You can find milk in returnable glass bottles, and bulk aisles but most WF won't let you bring containers to use. (DUE TO COVID ALL BULK BINS HAVE BEEN REMOVED)

Whole foods is also one of the places where you can get meat, poultry, and fish wrapped in paper.

Star Market (State-wide)

At Star Market, you can find bulk dry goods, like rice, nuts, grains, and bulk candy, and you can also bring your reusable bags. 
Bulk Peanut and Almond butter are available and they provide plastic containers, so the same principle applies. Buy the first one and then keep refilling it.
Star market also has baked goods "for grabs", so be sure to have cotton or Muslin bags with you (or an old pillowcase), or like I do, reuse the paper bags from other bake goods.

Also, they wrap your cheese and deli meats in paper if you ask.

Stop n Shop (State-wide)

Stop n shop offers a good fruit, veggie, and legume naked section, just bring your own produce bags.

Some of them are offering milk in a glass bottle, and so far is a place where you can bring your old Tupperware or other containers for sliced cheese or deli meats. Just make sure your containers are clean and ask nicely to the clerk to put your Cheese/meats in it. If they say no, you can then ask nicely for your meat to be wrapped in paper.

Stop n' shop is also a place where you can get loaves of artisanal bread, and lose rolls for hamburgers or hot dogs (not actual specifically those but close enough) in paper bags or better, your own bags.

Shaws (State-wide)

Shaws is also one of the few "big" grocery stores were you can get good organic "naked" produce and also one of the few places to get meat and fish wrapped in paper.


-Bfresh: (ALLSTON LOCATION CLOSED AS OF JAN 2020) Somerville location still open.


Earth + Ether: Apothecary supplies in bulk like butters, carrier liquids, carrier oils, clays, essential oils, herbs, salts, seeds, spices, and waxes. Also some reusable ZW items like glass bottles and Beeswraps.


-Yes! Plastic-free: Located at 212A Mass Ave, Arlington, MA 02474, is a pop-up shop were you can find a lot of plastic-free goodies for your home.


-The Spirited Gourmet: This Belmont store carries refillable olive oil and vinegar; you'll need to buy one of their bottles the first time, but after that, it can be refilled.
- Boston Public Market: you can bring your own bags and containers and get produce, pasta, meat, and poultry, eggs, desserts and more.
- Follain: with 2 locations in Boston, Follain is a Non-toxic Natural Skin Care Company, that provides a personalized service with eco-friendly packaging and provides skin tests and bulk soaps.
- Roche Bros. Downtown Crossing: This store has a bulk section and they also wrap the meat in paper (8 Summer St, Boston, MA 02110)
- UVIDA: Boston's first zero waste store with lots of great products, handmade soaps and more. Located in the North End.


Art's Specialties: Bulk tea, Olive oil Refill, and balsamic vinegar Refill, amongst many other gourmet treats. They also have a store in Maynard, MA


A New Leaf: Located on Cabot St, offers bulk spices and teas, you can bring your own containers, it also has Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar refills,  fresh produce and some plastic-free items, like bar shampoo, and Dental Lace floss.

- Organic Rainbow: Located on Rantoul St, offers fresh produce, milk in glass from local farms, yogurt in Glass, vitamins in glass containers and refill of fair trade coffee. 

-Unpacked Living: Find refills for household items like, floor cleaner, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergents, dry shampoo, toothpaste, face oils Shampoo/Conditioner and so much more! Bring your own containers is allowed


Boston General Store: This wonderful spot (also in Dedham) has Bulk items like bath salts, Laundry detergent, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and lots of more plastic-free, low-waste items. Lots of vintage items too.

Brewster (Cape)

-Green Road Refill Bus: Bettie is a converted minibus that offers a pump station with all-natural products ranging from shampoo and lotion to household cleaners and laundry detergent. Follow Jessica the owner on IG or FB to know where Bettie is going to be next time!


-Cambridge Naturals: Bulk teas, herbs, and spices. They also offer locally milled package-free bar soap.

-Cleenland: Bulk personal care and cleaning supplies. You can find a more detailed list of their product offerings here.

-Curio Spice: Bulk herbs and spices.

-Follow the Honey: At this spot in Harvard Square, you can find several kinds of bulk honey.

-Pemberton Farms: In addition to bulk dry goods like grains, beans, granola, nuts, seeds, snacks, Coffee and more, they also carry refillable olive oil and vinegar; you may need to buy one of their bottles the first time, but after that, it can be refilled. You can also refill bottles with liquid household cleaners made by. They also have Bulk Bird Food

-Salt and Olive: This spot in Harvard Square has bulk teas and spices. You cannot bring your own containers, but they have glass jars and metal tin options. Once you buy a bottle of olive oil or vinegar, you can keep bringing that bottle back to be refilled over and over.

-Thistle & Shamrock: A specialty locally owned an operated grocery store in Cambridge with a refill section for laundry detergent and dish soap and yes you can use your own containers.


-Debra's Natural Gourmet: Dry pantry products like grains, flour and baking supplies, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, herbs, spices, pasta and lots of plastic-free items like bar soaps, bar shampoo, and fresh produce. They allow you to bring your own containers, jars and bags, just let them know you are using your own.








They just expanded to offer a cleaner bulk section

-Concord Market: Located at 77 Lowell Rd, Concord, MA, this magical place has beautiful loose produce, Walden meats, and also a bulk section hor household items and cleaners.



Boston General Store: This wonderful spot (also in Brookline) has Bulk items like bath salts, Laundry detergent, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and lots of more plastic-free, low-waste items.


-Pure Vita: The Cape’s first Essential Oil Bar, and natural store. A modern apothecary specialized in CBD products.


-Common Crow Natural Market: Grains, beans, pasta, nuts, seeds, baking supplies, dried fruits, granolas, cereals, snacks, herbs, spices, teas, peanut and almond butter, and more.

-Good Linens Studio: Home and Kitchen zero waste items like wood brushes, bar shampoo and much more!

Great Barrington

-Berkshire Co-op: Locally grown produce and goods for a more sustainable home.

-Farm & Home: Refill your bottles with liquid household cleaners made by Common Good & Co.

-Guido's Fresh Marketplace: Fill your own bulk bags with a range of dry pantry staples (grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, and more), plus peanut butter and cooking oils.


-Franklin Community Co-op: You'll find a great bulk section that sells grains (including local wheat!), beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, sweets, herbs and spices, fair trade coffee, tea, maple syrup, olive oil, nut butter, and even shampoo and household cleaners.

Jamaica Plain

-Kitchewitch: this is the place to shop for cooking tools, gifts zero waste food gear.


-America's Food Basket: You can find some loose produce and Bulk grains in this store. 


-Roots Natural Foods: Offers bulk tea, spices, coffee, olive oil and balsamic vinegar refills, but you have to buy their bottle the first time, and then bring it back for refills.


Wilson Farm - Produce, baked goods and coffee in bulk. They require the
purchase of a container first and then come back to re-fill it.


-Red Antler Apothecary: Bulk herbs, package-free soaps/bath products, homemade beeswax wraps, and other low-waste products.


-Smokestack Roasters: This is a family owned coffee roasting company based in Lunenburg focusing on organic & sustainable beans and teas. They just opened a café offers coffee beans & teas in bulk and have discounts for bringing your own cup and using our reusable ware.


-McRae's: Your new local sustainable store! it has bulk household items and cleaners, you can bring your own bags, jars and containers. They have a great seleccion of sustainable goods, plastic-free and zero waste. Located at 108 Washington St, Marblehead, MA 

Martha's Vineyard

-Morrice Florist of Martha's Vineyard: This place has a refillable goat liquid hand soap station from a local farm (Flat point farm). You have to buy the first container and then pay just for refills.


Art's Specialties: Bulk tea, Olive oil Refill, and balsamic vinegar Refill, amongst many other gourmet treats.


- Freerange Market: Fresh naked produce and lots of other natural and plastic-free goodies. Bring your own bags!


-Green Street Natural Foods: Has a few bulk things like spices, also you can bring your own container for local honey and for tahini.


-The Hippie Farmer Farm Stand: Find all kinds of plastic-free, handmade soaps, shampoo, dishwashing soap and more low waste beautiful products (141 Purchase St. Middleboro, MA)


- Green House Goods: This wonderful ZW store offers plastic-free goodies and it also has a very nice refill section with a wide variety of bulk cleaning and self care products. Bring your own bottle or buy one from them!


-River Valley Coop: This spot offers bulk grains, beans, flours and baking supplies, nuts, seeds, snacks, dried fruit, and more.
-Cornucopia Natural Wellness Market: Fresh produce, Bulk Coffee, and lots of plastic-free, low-waste items.


-Orleans Whole Food Store: Organic and Natural foods and wellness. You can find some plastic-free products like shampoo bars and conditioners, seeds, loose produce, local produce.


Branch Olive Oil   Located in the North Shore Mall. Infused and regular olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Buy the first bottle and bring it back for $1 off refills.


Speedwell Coffee: They will gladly fill your own jar with delicious fresh coffee beans.


Jolie Tea Company: Bulk Tea!

The Cheese Shop of Salem: CHEESE and more delicious things. They will put any purchase into the container of your choice and will tare it for you.

Salem Spice: Bulk Spices and you can bring your own containers.

Branch Olive Oil   Infused and regular olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Buy the first bottle and bring it back for $1 off refills.

Shelburne Falls

-Franklin Community Co-op: At FCC's Shelburne Falls outpost, stock up on grains (including local wheat!), beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, sweets, herbs and spices, fair trade coffee, tea, maple syrup, olive oil, and nut butter, as well as shampoo and household cleaners.


-Neighborhood Produce: Grains, beans, cereals, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs, spices, teas, coffee, and more.
- When Pigs Fly: Lets you pick up bread in your own bread bag! Locations also in Jamaica Plain, Brookline and Newburyport!
- BFresh: This place has a full wall of bulk items including lots of different flours like quinoa flour as well as your more standard and organic nuts, beans, and even wheat germ!! (240 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144)


-Fresh Acres Market: Find Bulk items and bring your own bags. lots of fresh local produce and plastic free items.


- Alba Mediterranean Market and Bakery: Homemade yogurt in your own containers! plus a bunch of other goodies.

- Brothers Market: They have a ton of local products, milk and juices in glass jars, and they encourage bringing your own jar to grind peanut/almond butters! They just tare it for you beforehand. They also wrapped  local, delicious looking fish in butcher paper and no plastic when you ask. 1 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02451 


-Wild Oats Co-op: Bring your own containers to shop their selection of bulk dry goods.



-PETCO: All Petco and Unleashed by Petco, have a treat bar by the pound and you can use your own bags. You can also get Cat Litter in Bulk at all locations.

- Polka Dot Bakery: With 6 locations around MA, this pet store has bulk treats and they offer paper bags, or you can bring your own containers and they tare them for you.

- Pemberton Farms (Cambridge): Dry Dog and Cat healthy food in Bulk. You can bring your own containers or bags and they tare it first for you.


BULK TEA (lose Tea):

  • Herbs Make Scents Tea Shop - 76 Church St, Whitinsville, MA 01588
  • Jolie Tea Company - 105 Essex St, Salem, MA 01970
  • Crose Nest -  250 Jackson St, Lowell, MA
  • Upton Tea Imports - 100 Jeffrey Ave #1, Holliston, MA 01746
  • Wegmans - varies from store to store
  • Mem Tea: 196 Elm St, Cambridge, MA 02140.


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