Avoid having to buy and "recycle" endless bottles of plastic using our refill section in both of our locations.

Our refill bar has over 60+ products at your service all priced by ounce.

BYOC allowed and highly encouraged.

The brands we work with are brands that share our love for the planet, are cruelty free, follow a circular economy model and have nice ingredients.

Here's our updated list of available products


Dish Soap

Rustic Strength Grapefruit Bergamot  $0.25  
Rustic Strength Unscented $0.25 
Better Life Lemon Mint $0.25 

Hand Soap

Rustic Strength Citrus Bliss $0.35 
Rustic Strength Peppermint Lime  $0.35
Rustic Strength Mango Coconut $0.35 
Rustic Strength Plain Jane Hand Soap (Unscented) $0.30
Better Life Citrus Mint $0.30 
Rustic Strength Lavender Lime $0.35 (Beverly Exclusive)
Rustic Strenght Lavender Fields $0.35 (Danvers Exclusive)

Body Wash

Rustic Strength Magnolia and Lilac $0.33
Rustic Strength Cucumber Melon $0.33
Rustic Strength Coconut Lime $0.33
Aromaland Unscented Shower Gel $0.30

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Ecos Magnolia and Lily $0.17 (Beverly Exclusive)
Rustic Strength Lavender $0.17
Rustic Strength Unscented Hypoallergenic $0.17


Powder Laundry Detergent

Meliora Lemon Scent $0.36
Meliora Lavender Scent $0.36
Meliora Unscented $0.36
Meliora Lemon Lavender Clove $0.36 
Meliora Oxygen Brightener Bleach Alternative - $0.40
Clean Scent Softener Dropps - 5 x $1
Unscented Softener Dropps - 5 x $1
Oxi Booster Bleach Alternative Dropps  - 5 x$1


Golden Jojoba Oil $1.50
Sweet Almond Oil $1
Rosehip Oil $1.50
Argan Oil $2.00
Witch Hazel $0.30
Lovett Sundries Rosewater Toner $2.00
Strawberry Hibiscus Face Mask (Made Simple Skin Care) $9.80
Spirulina Hemp Face Mask (Made Simple Skin Care) $9.80
All Good Sunscreen 30SPF $2.10
Aloe Vera Liquid $0.22
Wild Oats & Honey Facial Cleanser $0.80
Micellar Water $0.50


Carina Organics - Sweet Pea Baby Shampoo & Body Wash $0.85 (Available in Beverly Location)
Carina Organics - Unscented Bubble Bath $0.85 (Available in Beverly Location)


Rustic Strength Lemon Lavender $0.55 
Aromaland Unscented $0.36
Aromaland Rosemary Mint $0.50
Aromaland Jasmine and Clementine $0.55
Rustic Strength Coconut Lime $0.50

Dry Shampoo (Powder)

Unscented $5.50
Lavender Bergamot $5.50

Hair Conditioner

Rustic Strength Coconut Lime $0.45
Aromaland Unscented Conditioner $0.36
Aromaland Rosemary Mint $0.36
Aromaland Jasmine and Clementine Conditioner $0.55


Palm-oil free Castile Liquid Soap  

Vermont Soap Simply Unscented Castile Soap  $0.40
Vermont Soap Lemongrass Zen Castile Soap $0.40
Vermont Soap Lavender Ecstasy Castile Soap $.40
Vermont Soap Patchouli Rose Castile Soap $0.40
Vermont Soap Peppermint Castile Soap $0.40
Vermont Soap Pine Woods Castile Soap $0.40


Routine - Sexy Sadie Refill $8.50
Routine - Like a Boss Refill $8.50
Routine - Cat Lady Refill $8.50
Routine - Moon Sisters Refill $8.50
Routine - SuperStar Refill $8.50
Routine - The Curator $8.50

Household Cleaners

Better Life Floor Cleaner Citrus Mint $0.14
Better Life Glass Cleaner $0.16
Better Life Tub n Tile Cleaner $0.14 OUT OF STOCK
Better Life Wood/furniture Polish $0.20
Better Life Stainless Steel Polish $0.22
Better Life Stain and Odor Eliminator $0.17
Simple Green Industrial Degreaser/Cleaner $0.14
MamaSuds Toilet Bombs $1.25 each
99% Isopropyl Alcohol $0.25
Meliora Oxygen Brightener Bleach Alternative - $0.40


Dishwasher Machine Detergent

Better Life Dishwasher Gel $0.22
Rustic Strength Rinse Aid $0.20
Dropps Dishwasher Pods Lemon - 5 pods x $1
Dropps Dishwasher Pods Unscented - 5 pods x $1



Nelson Naturals Charcoal Mint Tablets $2.50
Unpaste Mint Tablets Fluoride Free $6
Huppy Kids Toothpaste Watermelon Strawberry $6
Huppy Peppermint Tablets $6
Huppy Charcoal Mint Tablets $6
Hammond Herbs Cinna-Mint toothpowder $3.50


Hand & Body Lotion

Aromafree Hand & Body Lotion Unscented $0.38
Better Life Citrus Mint Lotion $0.36
Better Life Clary Sage Lotion $0.36
Aromaland Lavender Lotion $0.38



ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizer $0.30
Epson Salts $0.10
Eucalyptus Shower Vapors (No tox Life) $2 each
Jasmine & Clementine Bath Salts $0.45
Food Grade, Non-GMO Citric Acid $0.40 


Maple Valley Cooperative
Organic Maple Syrup Organic Dark & Robust $0.85 (Available in Beverly)
Organic Maple Syrup Organic Amber & Rich $0.85 (Available in Beverly)
Baking Soda $0.08
Organic Turmeric Root Powder $0.70
Organic 10% White Vinegar $0.16