10" Beeswax Dipped Tapers

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10" Beeswax Dipped Tapers

Packed two pairs per box, these beeswax Dipped 10" Natural Tapers are crafted with a classic drip-style bottom finish, making them suitable for candle holders in many sizes. Created using 100% pure beeswax and a cotton wick.

Burn Time/Care Instructions

12 hours each

  • Trim the wick to ¼” initially. After that, no trimming is necessary for tapers. Longer wicks benefit tapers in preventing dripping. (Please note: Tapers are the ONLY candle that does not need consistent wick trimming before lighting. All other candles benefit from frequent wick trimming)
  • To help prevent dripping, do not burn in front of open windows, or running fans, and keep out of drafty areas.
  • To prevent excessive smoke after extinguishing, use a snuffing tool.
  • Always use a taper holder, burn on a level surface, and NEVER leave it unattended.

Made in the USA

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