Anti-Static Dryer Balls

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Anti-Static Dryer Balls
Anti-Static Dryer Balls
Anti-Static Dryer Balls

Don’t be sheepish about getting rid of static. Our vegan anti-static dryer balls are a quiet and eco-friendly alternative to wool dryer balls and dryer sheets. Your clothes will spend less time in the dryer, and come out free from wrinkles and static.

Recycled water bottles (rPET) with carbon filament static-dissipative fabric, 100% recycled water bottles (rPET) filling

Ideal for people with sensitive skin or wool allergies, our vegan, non-toxic, and unscented dryer balls sustainably stop static in their tracks. The soft recycled PET filling makes them less noisy than other balls and their larger size will keep them out of sleeves.

To use, just toss all 3 dryer balls into medium/large-sized loads.

To refresh the anti-static outer layer, just throw them in the wash with like colors and a mild detergent.

Still have static? While dryer balls help your clothes dry faster, over-drying can be a common cause of excess static. We recommend reducing your machine's drying time or heat to prevent overdrying.

  • Less noisy than traditional dryer balls & large size won’t get stuck in sleeves
  • Wrinkle-free clothes without chemicals or wool
  • Anti-static fabric quietly reduces cling, minimizing the need for dryer sheets or noisy balls
  • Separates laundry to dry quicker and more efficiently
  • Set of 3 dryer balls
  •  3.3" diameter each ball | 8.5cm diameter each ball

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