Bamboo Styling Comb

Bamboo Switch

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Bamboo Styling Comb

Natural Bamboo Styling Comb

This all-natural bamboo styling comb works to bring your hair in shape with ease. Our bamboo comb will leave your hair feeling and looking better than ever! Fits well in pockets for easy on-the-go access and is perfect for long getaways and vacations. 

Protect our environment with this simple switch - one plastic-free comb at a time!

7.9" in length
1.5" in width

Millions of plastic hairbrushes are thrown out yearly. Think about how much of an impact that is. With just one simple switch you are eliminating millions of pounds of plastic waste from our environment without sacrificing the same experience. Our Combs get the job done better without leaving behind plastic for years to come. 

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