Face Wash Sampler


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Face Wash Sampler
Face Wash Sampler

Hello HiBAR Face Wash Sampler. Goodbye guesswork.

Meet HiBAR’s sample size, soap-free face wash bars—the first solid amino acid facial cleanser bars with formulas tailored for specific skin types. But how to know which HiBAR Face Wash is best for you?  That’s where our sampler pack comes into play.  Each set includes a miniature bar of each of our formulas, so you can try them all.

  • CLEANSE: Our gentle daily cleanser, pH balanced for all skin types, with a foamy lather that gives you fresh and nourished skin.
  • HYDRATE: A super moisturizing cleanser with squalane and olive oil for a creamy lather that leaves skin plump and hydrated.
  • RENEW: This feather-light exfoliating cleanser has olive seed powder and white willow bark for a natural, renewed glow.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by the compact size—these three sampler bars combined will last as long as 1/2 of one of those plastic liquid face wash bottles. 

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