Fig Grapefruit Candle Tin 2 oz


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Fig Grapefruit Candle Tin 2 oz
Fig Grapefruit Candle Tin 2 oz

This candle is infused with a blend of pure essential & botanical oils derived from plants, extracted by cold-pressing, steam, or vacuum distillation. As you might expect from GoodLight, there are no phthalates, synthetic or artificial fragrances, chemicals, lead, or paraffin (petroleum). Just like the unscented foundation line, the wax is 100% palm wax and wicks are pure cotton...because you breathe what you burn.™

The sweet and fruity Fig Grapefruit blend is our most popular scent. It's like olfactory candy, really. A beautiful way to brighten any room or lighten any mood.

Burn time:
small 2 oz. tin: up to 15 hours

Are your candles vegan?

Yes! GoodLight palm wax is vegan (and non-GMO!), and our wicks are pure cotton. The essential and botanical oils we use for our scents are also vegan, as are the non-toxic Bekro dyes we use for our colored birthday and Chanukah candles.

About GoodLight

Affordable plant-based candles that are free of petroleum-based paraffin, and partner with the Orangutan Land Trust,, and smallholder farmers as we try to make sustainable palm the industry norm while helping protect rainforests and the endangered wildlife and communities that calls these forests home.

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