Compostable Gallon Storage Bags (15pk)

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Compostable Gallon Storage Bags (15pk)
Compostable Gallon Storage Bags (15pk)
Compostable Gallon Storage Bags (15pk)

- Extra strong, resealable, leak-resistant, and fridge and freezer safe
- Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water
- Meets internationally-recognized standards to safely biodegrade in municipal or commercial composting facilities
- 10.5in x 10.8in | 26.8cm x 27.3cm | 15 bags per box Ideal for meat, vegetables, fruit, school supplies, knickknacks, cosmetics, craft supplies—nearly everything!

Take Less. Give Back. For Good. Whether filled with craft supplies or leftover culinary creations, these strong, durable, freezer- or fridge-ready bags have your back.

And they have our planet’s back, too. Once their storage duties are over, they’ll break down into good-for-earth components, not microplastics.

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