Stainless Steel Storage Lids with Silicone Seals

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Stainless Steel Storage Lids with Silicone Seals
Stainless Steel Storage Lids with Silicone Seals

We love these premium lids for fridge, freezer, and dry goods storage! At any given time you will find dozens of them in use all over our kitchen and home.

Rust Proof! (Almost – only extended contact with very salty liquid can rust 304 SS)
Dishwasher Safe!
Plastic and BPA Free – No Chemical Leach!
Best Quality Materials Available – 304 Stainless Steel and Platinum Silicone!
Full Lid Liners – Platinum Cured Silicone is the highest quality available. 

Every day in our kitchens we’re reaching for storage lids to:

  • Keep staples fresh and the pantry organized
  • Put away leftovers from dinner (hello, easy lunch packing!)
  • Save the remainder of our kids’ favorite drink or unfinished snack
  • Store fermented foods
  • Bring nuts, seeds, crackers, and other snacks on the go
  • Keep sauces and liquids spill-proof in the fridge
  • And so much more!

But we were annoyed with the standard, two-part lids that fall apart and never seem to match up.

Stainless Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the kitchen as it’s rust-proof, long-lasting, and nonreactive. It’s used to make cookware, utensils, commercial food processing and storage equipment, and more. Plus, stainless steel will not leach any chemicals into your food and beverages like plastic can.

Our silicone lid liners cover the entire inner surface of the lid (so they fit securely and won’t ever drop into the jar) and create an airtight and spill-proof seal.  They are thick and heavy, which makes them easy to clean and hard to lose.  

Not for canning or processing.

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