Upcycled Weighted Eye Pillow

Second Life Stitch

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Upcycled Weighted Eye Pillow
Upcycled Weighted Eye Pillow

Made from Second-Hand Materials in Massachusetts!

Use this whenever you have a cluster headache, or worse - Also helps alleviate tension when sinuses are tight and plugged.
Can be also used in your yoga practice during wind downs and Shavasana.
A great gift for a friend too!


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Weighted Eye Pillow Filled With Flaxseed.

How to use

Warm compress: microwave pillow for 10-second increments. Gently shake pillow to distribute heat. Test temperature before placing in eyes.

Cold Compress: Place Pillow in a protective bag (we recommend These) or a silicone bag can work too, in the freezer for 1 - 2 hours before use.

Optional: Add a few drops of essential oils to the pillow insert.

Outer cover can be removed and washed, we recommend hand washing with mild soap.

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